Get Tested

Finally, someone has made allergy testing easy, comfortable and quick! The Clinical RX allergy program is a needle-free allergy testing device to help identify if and what causes your allergy symptoms. No needles are ever required to test or treat patients.

We use disposable plastic applicators to apply small drops of test antigens (protein extracts) for the 70 most common allergens in North America. These droplets are placed on the back and gently pricked into the skin 8 droplets at a time. No blood is drawn and the skin is never penetrated.

In 15-minutes, the allergic reaction of your skin to the antigens will cause an inflammatory response that is measured and recorded by your doctor. In 12 months, you will do this test again and find out how well our therapy drops have been working by comparing this year’s test measurements to next years test measurements. Patients have quickly reduced or eliminated their reaction within a 12 month period.

The Clinical RX Skin TestKit is covered by most insurance companies and is FDA approved for testing in your doctor’s office. We will pre-authorize your provider to perform the test and submit to your insurance.

Keep in mind, this is the only test kit that covers the entire North American Continent! Everyone travels these days, and people move from one state (or country) to the next, so we created the only master multi-regional environmental panel using the latest scientific information from the worlds largest antigen manufacturer. With Clinical RX, no matter where you live, you’re covered.


Get Treated

Not long ago, almost all allergy patients were scratched with needles for testing, then injected with needles for immunotherapy. Modern European countries now think of this practice as “barbaric” since they prefer sublingual (drops under the tongue) over injections. In fact, Great Britain converted to drops way back in 1986 because of the poor risk/benefit ratio (i.e. multiple deaths) caused by allergy shots. See the additional safety details at the bottom.

The therapy drops are extremely easy to use, costs only $60 per month, and are shipped to your front door every 30-days. When compared to shots, each office visit could ring up $30 copays for each weekly visit which is $120/month (not counting gas and time to get to the doctors office each week). Clinical RX is half the price and weekly office visits are not required. These factors help patients stay compliant to their therapy, which increases results.


Get Better

Many published scientific studies have shown that sublingual immunotherapy significantly reduces allergy symptoms. The end benefit? Feeling better. Patients typically report fewer clinic visits, hospitalizations, and less lost time from work and school after taking drops consistently.