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Valley View Drugs offers physicians products and services to better tailor patient treatment and improve clinical outcomes. We partner with physicians to increase your patient’s quality of life, by providing highly in-demand services, so your patient’s needs are fully actualized and your clinic has a higher rate of patient retention.

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We have equipment available for rent from Transportation Chairs to Standard Walkers and everything in between.
Multivitamins, minerals, bladder tea, men’s health, women’s health… We have just about anything you need.
We provide a fast, secure and convenient way for you to pay your utility bills right here in the store. It’s simple.
With Valley View Drug home delivery, getting your prescriptions and supplies is as easy as picking up the phone. Call us at (562) 941 – 1208.
Topical Compounds

Topical Compounds

Compounding provides customized medications to meet each patient’s specific needs.

Live Allergy free

Live Allergy Free

Find out about our new needle-free allergy testing and therapy solution.It’s safe and effective.

Medical Equipments


We have all types of medical equipment available for sale and rent.

Veterinary Compounds

Veterinary Compounds

Compounding provides customized medications to meet each one of your pet’s specific needs.